Cant Extract Checkboxes in a DU Only Project!

Hi All,

I am working on a DU Only Project and having difficulty in extracting the M F Checkboxes Data, For example the data in pdf is like this


and i have defined the fields like this

do i have to define each field separately like " Vehicle owned - Car" , " Vehicle owned - Two wheeler" etc

i am using a Form Extractor

@postwick @ppr @Anil_G @supermanPunch @Palaniyappan

also i want like this


not like this


kindly help guys


These are the different ways in which you can label a check box

3rd option should work for you as per the output you need


Hi @Jai_Pande

If you are using form based extractor then for each box you will have create separate field like Vehicle owned - Car, Vehicle owned - Two wheeler etc.

In the form based extractor select only thing that are inside the checkbox so that you can get accurate result , don’t select the word also with checkboxes

Hope this helps

Hi @Anil_G

Can you kindly let me know the step by step procedure for this

Hi @sanjay3

Okay i am trying it and let you know here


In taxonomy you can create a Boolean type for all the check box fields you want and use the form extractor to extract this fields.
the output you will get is yes or no.

@Anil_G request you to please arrange a small teams meeting for this its kinda urgent

@Gayathri_Mk i tried but i am unable to extract the check boxes, i have literally tried everything used synonyms also, cant use labelling as i dont have 10 images

@sanjay3 but wont it be long way

@Jai_Pande Yes for the form based extractor this is the method

@sanjay3 what are the other methods sanjay, i am not having 10 images to label the data

can anyone please help me @ppr @Anil_G @Palaniyappan @supermanPunch @postwick i am really stuck in extracting data from checkboxes

Hi @Jai_Pande

As mention in the docs there are other methods also but they initial preferred separate field for each checkbox
Please go through the docs

Hope this helps

@sanjay3 but i am not having enough documents to label, i just have total of 8 documents