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Using Data scraping i have scrapped 10- 15 fields from web application. when i tried to write the Exract DT its showing an error like as below screen shot. Please advise.

It is because you are passing the null value @BaskaranVenkatesan

Try printing the count of rows in the excel before writing to CSV using message box as datatable.rows.count :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your prompt response. When i tried to print the DT in message box again getting the same error. This time i had scraped only one column but that Extract DT also unable to view in msg box or Excel/csv files.


check that the variable stored extracted data is same that you passing in write CSV activity


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Hi, My scraping DT name is ExtractDataTable1 and write range DT name is also ExtractDataTable1 but getting the same error message.

As the data in the variable is null, it is displaying the same message again @BaskaranVenkatesan,

check if the data is scraped correctly :slight_smile:

While scraping the details from web application i can able to view the details in Extract Wizard. But when i tried to write it, showing an error.

May be while running the workflow, I hope it is not recognizing the selector or may be not scraping the data @BaskaranVenkatesan,

That’s why I asked you to places the variable after scraping the data as ExtractedDataTable.Rows.Count :slight_smile:

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I can able to view the scraping data wizard panel but its not saved in DT. Is there any way to scrap the details from web.

It won’t work because your selector is changing each time the page refreshes. Please see my post here. You can figure out if your selector is changing and if it is, then you have to come up with an alternate solution to make the selector more generic and reliable.

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Yes you’re right After doing deep dive analysis it was identified that my selector is changing on everytime.

Eg: When i run the first time my selector is like as " <html app= ‘chrome.exe’, Title= ‘ABCDAPP1| Dealer portal’>

Next time title will be changed like as "Title= ‘ABCDAPP2 /3/4| Dealer portal’>.

Hence i had used wild card method and verified the Meta data for two Data scraping. Meta data are same but again getting an error like as “Object reference not a null value”.

Ok i’ll try to make the selector more generic and reliable. If any help require kindly support.

Thank you!

Can’t you use this:

<html app= ‘chrome.exe’, Title= ‘ABCDAPP*' />

You are getting a null reference because the scraper can’t find the selector to scrape the data. The object is set to a Zero-length array. If you debug your project you will see that the object is set to [].

Remember that the PurchaseOrder object is an array of Objects.
When you try accessing PurchaseOrder(0) , UiPath is trying to return the object at position 0. But as it can’t find an object, it throws a Null Reference Exception.

I hope this helps.