DropList Values inside DataGrid


How can assign value form a drop list if this is inside the data grid,

so, the field key in data grid: DataTable
the fieldkey in droplist : datatable(Namecolumn)

if i want to modify this droplist, can i add many opcion in Data Source Values, but if a want to add dynamic opcion fron the list?

Hi @rodrigoneira ,

Could you let us know in bit more detail as to what you are trying to perform and what is currently done ?

If the issue is solved, Could you post the Solution you have used and mark the post as the Solution. So it would help others who might be facing the same issue.


the data table type variable comes from the grid and that the droobox has the name of the column of this table, the idea is that the main data is from the table but the options it shows are dynamic from the other list