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With the values present in the dropdown, able to extract values but need them in the form of data table, can I please know which activity must be used for that requirement!? The below is the dropdown.


This is the xaml file which I tried,
dropdown.xaml (7.6 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Use Add DataRow Activity.

Hi @sushmithaelluru

I would do it like that:

  1. Click activity to click the search bar and open the list.
  2. Only then Get Text on the entire window:
  3. Use Generate Data Table activity to convert it to a Data Table.
  4. Remove rows that are not needed (if any).

See attachment for some context:
dropdown.zip (19.1 KB)

After writing into excel sheet, am getting in the following format @loginerror, which is not in correct format …

dropdownlist.xlsx (11.0 KB)

dropdown (1).xaml (8.5 KB)

See this example :slight_smile:
dropdownExtraction.zip (25.2 KB)

Run it to see it will do it correctly.

Not able to open the xaml @loginerror, showing that project.json file is not available!!


You can try like this also

You can use Get Attribute Activity and select items . It will return the Collection of string.

Next Convert that collection to DataTable.


Did you unzip the project to a folder, for example on your Desktop?
If so, it might be due to the version (my example was developed on 18.4.0 beta).

See screenshots for more context:

Ok @loginerror, thanks for the screenshots. This is my version …


Is the error still happening? Could your provide a screenshot of the error? My example should work on your version without an issue.

Not issue @loginerror. Getting output as ,