How to fetch the dropdown values from excel


I 'm facing some challenge i would appreciate if anyone could help me out

I have a dropdown in excel , please check the screenshot

I want to get all these values from the drop down

Thanks in advance

Hi @rsr.chandu

You need to use combination of activities to get the dropdown values

  1. Click on the drop down
  2. Point the list as source in Find children activity

  1. In the filter section provide <ctrl role='list item />

  1. Loop through the list of Ui Element from the output of Find children activity
  2. Use Get Attribute activity and select ‘name’ as the output attribute.
  3. Add the output to list or data table


Hello @rsr.chandu

Did you try the Select item activity in UiPath?


Hi @rsr.chandu

My previous answer did not work correctly. I faced selector issue with find children activity. so here is another approach to get the drop down values

  1. Using Get Attribute activity retrieve the text value
  2. Add the output to list or data table
  3. Press down arrow key and perform step 1 and step 2
  4. Repeat the steps until all the drop-down values are retrieved

I have attached the sample workflow

Excel Combobox 1.xaml (17.7 KB)


Hi @rsr.chandu ,

Can you take a look on this ?

Thank you

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