Want to move all the drop down list from Get text to a datatable

Hi Everyone,

I want to move all the values from a drop down to a datatable.

Got DD values using Get text and now when i use generate table by using gettext output value as input then the values of DD saves in 75 Columns in the excel sheet. I want all values to be included in the same column. Could you please give your suggestion?


@Ula if ur values in list or array or something like that.

  1. Use build datatable activity, remove existing columns and make one column with required name and assign output to datatable variable.

  2. Use for each activity for the array or list u have, inside for each loop use add datarow activity, datatable name same which is used in build datatable activity and arrayrow value as loop value(usually item).

  3. After for each write the datatable to required excel