Drop down menu with scroll

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner and trying my hand on automation. I’m trying to automate entries in ERP. While automating the various entries I came across this drop down menu, and I have no clue how I should move ahead and automate this one.
Depending upon the range mentioned in excel, the bot should select the required option out of the drop-down menu.For example, if the range in Excel is mentioned as “Within 90 days CDate”, then bot should go ahead and select Within 90 days CDate option from the drop-down.

Please guide me to get the required solution.

Thank you.

Well what prob you are facing? just read that value from excel and pass that value to select item activity.


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We Can’t write in the box. We need to scroll through all the available options and select the correct one. Will it still work?

I am not talking about type into. Try it first and let me know. Local
environment u r dealing? Right?

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Hi @RishiVC1,

For Beginner’s I would suggest you to first start with recording so that you will get a skeleton first.
This will help you understand which activities can be used under which options, buttons, combo box etc

In the above scenario you can use Select item activity to get the entire list from the drop down and on the basis of your criteria you can select the required option. You can also refer the link below :


Hi Rishi,
Can you please let me know how you managed to solve this. If possible can you share the xaml file as a sample.

Thanks in advance.

@Rajeev1 I used the select item activity.
If you can’t use it for some reason and you are dealing with a field where you can write and and number of options are limited then you can use a combination of switch activity with type into and use up and down keys to select the required field.