Downloading Zip Files from an FTP site and reading excel file in each folder

Hello UiPath Community! I’m looking for suggestions on how to tackle this issue in the most efficient way possible.

I am currently downloading zip files from an FTP site on a daily basis. Every day the file will have a new name. I believe I have an effective workaround for this and my sequence that downloads the files works perfectly.

What I’m unsure of is how to go about reading the csv file in each zip file. There is no way around this, the client provides the data in this format. There could be multiple zip files, but each zip file only has one csv file. Essentially I want to read the file into a data table and then begin the process of working through the data.

Any suggestions?

You can use Read CSV activity to read the contents and output a datatable.

Thanks and that’s what I have to do in each folder the file resides in. The trouble was dynamically accessing the few hundred or so folders I had to work through.

What I did to solve my problem was to use the enumerate files activity for the FTP scope, get a list of all the zip file folders that I need, and will go into each one by one and create a datatable.

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