Read folder name from a column in excel one by one and download same folders from FTP

Hello team,

I am not much familiar with UiPath and automation. Looking to make a process automate which my team does manually on daily basis.

We have list of folder names in excel which has to be downloaded on daily basis from FTP (via File Zila) if it is there on FTP. If the folder is missing then send an email to user that these folders are missing on FTP (optional).

I have created a workflow wherein robot

  1. Open Filezila
  2. Reads excel column
    3 Creates the same folders in local harddisk
  3. then via for each, type into the local site and search the same folder on remote site and then download the all contents in the local folder by “ctr A and right click and download”.

Below is the attached workflow and excel file.

Note: My problem is that it downloads only for 1st folder and rest it does not. I have tried various methods. Since the content is being changed in type into evrytime, may be it is not taking.

Please do the needful…

BatcheList_Download.xlsx (11.5 KB) Test3.xaml (35.7 KB)

Please check the XAML file and suggest me what can be done or provide me new XAML which can run