Downloading Large Amount of Photos from Google Images

Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a sequence that asks the user to input a keyword to search on google images, then scrolls down a bit (using send hotkey “end” couple of times and then send hotkey “home” to capture all the data inside) afterwards downloads all of the photos one by one.

To do this, I’ve used Input Dialog to get the keyword, Open Browser to go to the Google Images and then While activity to reach the amount of photos that I want to download. Then I tried to use Data Scraping to get the photos and links together as a data table, my next move has to be downloading all the values in output of the “Extract Structured Data” which is “ExtractDataTable”. I though using For Each Row in Data Table might actually help but it only clicks the very first item in the table (which I have already indicated), so this isn’t really helping.

Any thoughts on how to solve this and download desired amount of photos?


Did this thread help in this scenario

Cheers @Lorenzo

Thanks for the reply! Tried to implement the codes given in the article into my automation but it did not work whatsoever.


Did you get a chance to check the selector of which it is clicking only on the first Item?


The selector that chooses the picture currently shows following values: < webctrl parentid=‘islrg’ tag=‘IMG’ />
And the second one that I use to right click to the photo holds < webctrl parentid=‘Sva75c’ tag=‘IMG’ />