Downloading google sheet and saving as excel in a particular folder anywhere in the system

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well, I’m a beginner in UiPath and stuck in below use case. Any help would be highly appreciated.

My use case is -

I have two urls ( lets say google sheets for now), one is a RISKS sheet and another is a ISSUES sheet. I want to download the risk sheet and save as excel in one of the folder anywhere on my system called RISK and similarly for Issues sheet i want to download and save as excel in one of the folder called ISSUES anywhere in the system.

Now i have to download multiple such files( for which im thinking of having all URLs in an excel file and running a for each loop for them). I need help in what will be the most efficient activity to perform this - such as after opening the RISK url, RISK sheet should automatically save as excel in RISK folder and loding ISSUES sheet URL, ISSUE sheet should automatically get saved ISSUE folder.

Thank you for your help here!

Hi @Swati4
You can read your URL data in a datatable (you can use screen scraping) and then save it in a new excel file using write range activity in a specific folder.

Hi @Swati4

Is there any Download Button on those Url page or It will Automatically get download after opening the URl?

Loveleet Saini

Hi @loveleet_Saini . Thank you for responding.

No, it does not have download button. So it is a google sheet. On the left side of google sheet we see three lines, when we click on that , there is an option to save as excel and then a window pops up where to save in the system, basically i want to automate this save as excel step and save it into a particular folder in system.


Below is the Sample sheet

Below is the Code
SaveGoogleSheets.xaml (3.7 KB)

Please Let me know if it works for u.

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Loveleet Saini

Hi @loveleet_Saini , thanks again. I tried opening the .xaml file you shared, but i cannot see any flow in there, i just see a blank flow with a display name - savegoglesheets. Below is an image of the same. Would you check this once? thank you!

Hi @Swati4

So Sorry for the Mistake

Please have a look at the Below Solution

SaveGoogleSheets.xaml (18.9 KB)

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Loveleet Saini

Hi @loveleet_Saini , I see below workflow, an activity is missing, could you please help me with what you used there? Also is this something that can run in background and won’t interfere with the work we will be doing at that time.Thank you for all the help.

Hi @Swati4

It’s just a for loop. Try to repair Dependency.

Check if above dependencies are installed, if not installed install it from manage packages.