Downloading Dependencies - Uipath.Intelligent OCR Activities

Hi Experts ,

I am trying to create my first project in Document Understanding .

Studio Version:

In Manage Packages - For the Package - Uipath.Intelligent OCR Activities , I am getting the Below Error as seen in the Screenshots attached. The Error pop up after 10- 15 minutes in Restoring Dependencies of this package. I can add Other Dependencies - It is Particular to this one i am getting the issue.

I tried the following but NO Help .

  1. Reinstalled uipath Studio.
  2. Tried the same in Uipath studio version 2019
  3. Cleared Temp File.
  4. Created New Project.

Studio Logs :


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As you said you re installed studio, but did we DELETE these two whole filefolders
C::…\AppData\Local\UiPath and C:.…\AppData\Roaming\UiPath.
Only then the reinstallation will work

And also try removing the nuget package already installed and saved in nuget feed. If any and install from studio.

Cheers @mukeshkala


Thank you @Palaniyappan , It worked - Just to add - We would require to Stop uiRobot / Assistant to delete the 2 folders.

Also , If there are uipath services which are working - that causes error while deleting these Folders - Those services has to be Stopped before deleting…

Thank you once again for the Help !!


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awesome @mukeshkala

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