Downloading and scrapping data from multi PDF

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I want to download all the pdf files from a website in one folder, then extract all the data from each pdf then reorganise the data table.

To do this, I try to download the files with Open BrowserClick the files → Clik Saved As → Click Registred. That work, but only for one file, I can’t automate the process for all the files.

For the data table, I use the snippet For Each Files in Folders who work pretty well, but I not able to scrape all the data from each PDF.

And for the third problem I don’t already try Something.

Sorry if its too obvious, but I’m new with RPA.
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Hi, for the first issue, I had similar case.
In my case, I had to download CSV files on a webpage one by one.

First, if you can open the folder with explorer, I recommend you to do that since it may be easier to copy files from explorer.

Anyway, in my case I couldn’t do that 'cause the website is not just showing folder.

What I did is, by using UI explorer, to check available selectors of the 1st, 2nd and the last CSV file, and I found they had incremental ID; 1st CSV has “ID=0” in the selector and 2nd has “ID=1”, for example.

Then created two new variables, one int “csvId” (default 0) and one string “csvSelector”.

Now you’re almost there.

I copied Selector of click activity for download file and then replace ID va with csvId and assisted it to csvSelector.





Then put csvSelector to Selector of the click activity.

Then I added assign process to increment csvId (csvId = csvId + 1) and made loop of “click download 〜 increment csvId”.

This worked for my case.
Hope you can get any hints from my case.

see also

Thanks you for your help,

To do it easily, I juste use Data Scraping to download all the URL.

Then I open each URL in the list and download them one by one with a for each loop.

Finally , I use a ForEach loop in order to Data Scraping each PDF in the folder but i don’t know how to extract only the data (because the pdf is about 150 pages) or extract all the pdf in DataTable !

Any idea for that ?



I’m facing a liitle probleme, I can’t loop to download my pdf from the URL stock in the excel files.

Can someone take a look at my process ?
<aclass=“attachment"href=”//">Example.xaml (13.1 KB)


There is no your post.

Example.xaml (13.1 KB)


Try this
Example.xaml (13.4 KB)

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It works really good, thank you

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