Downloading a Dynamic Amount of Files from Webpage


I am trying to download a dynamic amount of files from a webpage. I’ve tried several things after reading other’s posts.

  • Since the amount of files and names of the files to download will change from month to month, using click activities won’t work
  • The files aren’t set up as a table on the webpage, so I can’t use the find children activity
  • I’ve used Data Scraping and saved the output of the file names as a data table and attempted to do a for each row activity, but am not sure how to proceed from there. I was thinking of assigning each row name to a string variable and then searching for that on the webpage and then doing a click activity, but am not sure if that is the best way. I also ran into the error when attempting to use the assign activity “value type of 1 dimensional array of string cannot be converted to data row”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You have to assign variable as FileName inside for each loop like this
str_fileName= row(“FileName”).toString
Also put the count of downloading files into configuration file so that it will be easy for you to manage it

let me know in case of further details

Hello Sarah,
In this video I download files from the website avoiding clicks and dynamic names (maybe this will help you):

Cristian Negulescu