Extract data table and click download

Hi experts,

I have a question.

based on the attached image (it’s a web based), i extracted it as a data table and use for each row, to click on download (circled) the file (only download when the type is “FILE”. This works fine when all file type in either FILE pr LOG.

But when there is a file type with “TABLE”, the click activity doesn’t work on the download button, even though i only download file type with “FILE”

Anyone knows why?

Have a separate condition for Table type alone
Anyhow u have the datatable and must be looking in with a for each row activity

Then inside that loop use a IF condition like this of type is equal to TABLE then use this click activity that has the selector to click on that text Open (as seen in above image)
Or click on normally that download button

With this logic you can handle that

Hope this helps

Cheers @Joanna2

Hii @Joanna2

-Create a new automation project or open an existing one.

-Use the “Open Browser” activity to navigate to the web page where the datatable is located.

-Use the “Data Scraping” wizard to extract the data from the datatable.

-ndicate the first element in the table and follow the prompts to configure the scraping.

-Save the scraped data to a datatable variable.

-Use a “For Each Row” activity to loop through the rows of the extracted datatable.

-Within the “For Each Row” loop, you can add the logic to perform the download action based on the data in each row.

-If the download is triggered by clicking a button, use a “Click” activity to click the “Download” button. Indicate the button element on the web page.

-If the download link is provided in one of the columns in the datatable, you can access it by using the row’s data.


Hi @Joanna2 ,

It does seem that the Selector is different between the Table and File/Log type.

If by analysing using the UiExplorer we find there is a ColNo attribute that we could use, then maybe a generalised selector could be possible for all three types. A checking/Testing would also need to be done.


  1. You can directly use for each ui element activity…
  2. From the screen we could see a difference between the downlaod button and open button…try to get a common select for both so that we cna use that selector to click on any type …as suggested by @supermanPunch going with column Number might help