Download varying number of files from web


Use case: I need to download thousands of travel expense pdf-attachments from a web page (Aditro).

The problem is that the number of pdf attachments vary from travel expense to travel expense. So, I cant use regular “click”, “type into” and “send hot key” activities as I could have done if the number of attachments were fixed.

This issue occurs often on web extraction workflows so I guess UiPath has an easy fix for this?

Can you save that webpage as html and share. Looks like you should have a table structure on the page and UiPath should be able to identify the count of pdf’s on the page dynamically.
But better suggestions can be given if we can see the webpage.


Thank you for quick response.

Yes, there is a table structure which contains the pdf¨s.

The method I am experimenting with:

  1. I use the “Data scraping” activity to extract the URLs for the pdf¨s inside the table structure
  2. For each row in the extracted URL table
    2.1. “HTTP request” to store the PDF files. (I use variables to dynamically name the files)

Do you think this will work or do you have a better method?

The problem now is that the HTTP request activity destroys the PDFs. In the HTTP Requst activity I only fill in “endpoint” and “resourcepath”

Hello Drusar

I’m facing same problem, did you solve it?


Hello, any resolution for this issue?