Guide me how can i download the several file from the website

Hello everyone I am new in UiPath so please guide me how can I download the several files from internet and the files are also on a 2,3 pages so please guide me how can i do this?

which type of file you want to download and send us a link so we can help you


  1. You can get the url of the file using get attribute activity and then pss it to navigate url or http request to download the file
  2. For different pages use next button till it exists you can use check app state to check for existance

Hope this helps


here is the link

can you please give me the flow so i can learn all of these activity

you need send more details like what type of data we need to add for the given link

this is the link where the files are and i want to download the whole files

this need information to process further


to learn I would say go to academy …If you need any support in understanding can help

if you need a flow please provide complete details of the website and what to be downloaded and all so a sample can be built


through this link you can first click on registered projects then click on advance filters and then select any maharashtera state and then select the ahmednagar district then click on search then the files are appear

working on it…give me a some time

ok sir Thank you So much…

Download (35.0 KB)
let me know if any kind of more challenges. also let me know it is working fine or not

thankyou sir i will let you know if there is any issue and thankyou so much sir

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if it working fine please mark as a solution.

through this flow the pdf is download or the table extraction is doing

firstly it is extracting the table and after than downloading the file

how it will download the file can you elaborate me? Sir

have you read the code

sir i have read but there is some onclick activity which is creating the confusion like where it is click firstly and on which type of file it is downloading
please sir elaborate the all function please sir