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In web application, I have 4 documents which I need to download, I might have less than four sometimes. I tried table extraction inorder to get how many documents are there. If I do scraping for one document web page that is not working for 4 documents page and viceversa. Can anyone suggest me to do this. Note I am doing using modern activities.
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Instead use for eqch ui element activity and indicate the documents


Hello @Nagini_Pragna

  1. Use the “Open Browser” activity to navigate to the web application.

  2. Use the “Find Children” activity to find all the elements that represent the documents. Configure this activity to store the found elements in a UiPath variable (e.g., documentElements).

  3. Use the “Get Children Count” activity to count the number of document elements found. Store this count in a variable (e.g., documentCount).

  4. Use a “For Each” activity to iterate through the documentElements variable.

  5. In the loop, use a “Click” activity to click on the download link or button for each document.

  6. To ensure you download each document to a unique location, you can use a different file name or directory for each download. You can incorporate a counter or timestamp into the file name.

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Thanks for the reply.

But the normal way worked. its the same which I used before it didnt worked, when tried after some days it worked fine.

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