Download UiPath CLI

I want to push the UiPath Code to Orchestrator in GitHub using action yml code for that i want UiPath Cli but follow the UiPath documentation we unable to download that.

UiPath CLI wasn’t readily available for direct public download, and you might need to request access from UiPath.

steps to follow:

1.equest Access: Go to the UiPath website and request access to UiPath CLI if you haven’t already. UiPath might provide access to their CLI tools upon request.

2.Set Up GitHub Repository Secrets: You’ll need to store sensitive information, like Orchestrator credentials, as secrets in your GitHub repository. These secrets can be accessed in your GitHub Actions workflow.
3.Create a GitHub Actions Workflow: Write a YAML workflow file (usually named .github/workflows/<workflow-name>.yml) in your repository. This file defines the steps for your GitHub Actions.
4.Install UiPath CLI: In your GitHub Actions workflow, you can use a step to download and install the UiPath CLI tool. You can do this using the curl command or another method based on your CLI tool’s distribution.
5.Authenticate and Push Code: Use UiPath CLI commands within your workflow to authenticate with Orchestrator and push your code. You will need to use the Orchestrator credentials stored as secrets in your workflow.



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