CICD Pipeline using GitHub implement by Oauth

Hi, I integrate UiPath with GitHub , In GitHub implement the cicd pipeline using yml code and PowerShell, the UiPath operation are implement in PowerShell. Here we facing problem is in our organization they don’t give API access, so i unable to get the UiPath Client ID and Secret ID, so i think we can use OAUTH in which is external application. But i have code for direct API access only ,so what are the things I want to change in code and how to create and use the OAuth in for this.

Karthik Murugesan

Hi @Karthik_Murugesan,

We are using CICD with AzureDevOps, we are had the same issue, so instead OAuth we moved to Basic authentication by giving username and password.

So can you check is there a way to use basic authentication instead of OAuth?