Download of excel file from web

Hi All,

I’m looking to automate the following -

  1. Download of excel file from web page:
    For this, I used ‘Open browser’ activity and ‘Click’ activity to download.
    After that, I do not get a pop up. Instead, the file is auto saved to my downloads on my pc.

  2. I would like to save it to a particular folder. Can I get help on this step?
    Or is there a way to open the latest file from my downloads folder and copy it to the folder I wanted?

  3. Lastly, is there a way i can rename the downloaded file automatically when it is saved to the folder I wanted?
    (Require this as I need to work on the downloaded file and read range from it)

The most optimal solution is to have the downloaded file saved to the folder I wanted and to automatically rename it.



If use Chrome (or Chromium Edge), we can change settings to ask location and file name to save to, as the following.


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