Download excel file from edge browser and rename directly

I would like to download excel file in edge browser. then rename it directly after download.

what is the best practice ?

I don’t want to open manually like save as etc…

Hello @Nightowl_music

  • You can click and dowload the file.
  • Use Wait for download activity to wait for the downloading to complete.
  • uSE Move File activity and provide the folder path with a new name. File will get copied to the destination with the name which you are providing.

Hi @Nightowl_music You can use rename file activity and give your input file path and the also give your newfilename in the newname property box. This will help you to rename your file of any type automatically.
Thanks and Regards

it’s in a for each. because files all have the same name. I have rename names in a assign activity

@Nightowl_music Can you please provide a sample screenshot of the downloaded files.

I would just save it in a temp location and then use the rename activity. can be accomplished quite easily inside your for each loop. If you could provide more context/screenshots I would be able to provide a more elaborate solution.

Hey @Nightowl_music

Using Wait for Download is the best option followed by Rename File


the files having the same name each download : sample.xlsx

I specified names is a string to rename the sample.xlsx


Make this change in chrome

Settings->Download->Ask where to download->turn this on

Once we hit on the download option the file explorer will pops up

Now take one attach window activity and attach that explorer

In the file type like this

"folderpath\YourFileName"+now.ToString("dd_MM_yyyy hh;mm;ss)+".xlsx"

This will rename the file automatically…

If you’re file name wants to be dynamic… use the currentDate and time…

This will keep on change the file names


I want to do it without opening the download.


We can do that by following the mentioned steps…

Please follow the steps…