Transfer latest download file to specific file

Hi guys, as title mentioned. Here some steps that I want to make for my bot but I don’t know the activities to use for step 3:

  1. Download file from browser
  2. Read name from excel
  3. Moved latest file downloaded to specific folder name that based from excel

The folder name is created based on excel. So I want the bot read row of the excel and move the downloaded file to the folder created. Any ideas on steps no 3 ?

you can use move file the “from” path is the downloaded file, “to” path is the target folder name

That one is for static destination, mine is more like dynamic which the “destination” need to search folder based on excel

can you post your excel file here

test.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Here the attached, the bot read the A column. Then, the download file will move to folder based on A column in excel.
I can specify the path but I am trying to make dynamic destination as the folder name might change in the future based on the excel.

Use move file activity to transfer the downloaded files from one folder to another folder by using the latest timestamp of the file.

Use if condition activity :

file nmes :

if row(0) ==xyz :
move to xyz folder

else :
if row(0) ==abc
move to abc folder
else :
if row(0) ==balancesheet
move to the balancesheet folder
else :

you can apply this logic

Hope this will help you

Happy automtion

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If you just want to move file, I recommend File.Move(source file path, target file path) Method.
Also check FileInfo class.


how does robot know which folder to move to? or does it download one file for each row in excel?

the bot takes the latest file from downloaded folder and transfer to folder

Ok its solved now, I found solution by using path “User PC/” + row(0).ToString

With this, it read the excel by row first and transfer to it one by one.

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