Download Image from URL

I am using the http request from uipath.webservices package to download a picture from a URL.

The image is getting downloaded, but when i double click and open the image it shows “there is a problem can’t open this image”
I have tries all the image type .png, .bnp,.jpg evething but nothing worked

Can you please help me asap.

Advanced thanks


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi @Bapum ,

I understood you are able to download image from URL using Uipath.web package i hope you have used http request activity for that.

i sense the issue you are facing is when you try to open partially downloaded file or if you have any access related issue to the folder you are trying to it will throw that error.

And also please try to move that file from the downloaded location to your local folder and check if you are able to open it. and also change the default image viewer software to open the image file.


You have to provide a complete path in the resourcepath of your HTTP request and make sure the endpoint URL you are hitting is accessible.
Also, set your timeout to 10000 milliseconds.

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In parameter collection give filename otherwise it won’t work


Thankyou i will try these 2 steps and update.