How To download image from portal

Hi, guys, I have an issue with image download

There is portal with all type of files most of the files are in PDF format in between there is an image file so for that I use element exists Activity indicates the PDF file and use if condition if the file is PDF then download or if it is an image then download I don’t how to download the image so I’m using send hotkey ctrl + s but it’s not working, and I tried another way image click right indicate save images as it gets some msg like uipath extension.

Is there any other way to download images in between PDF files,

Anyone, please help me…

Thanks advance…

Can you refer the below solution, If you are able to get the Image or pdf URL, it may help

Please refer and let me know.

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Hi @tejaswi_nerella

Can you share the portal link so that it will be easy to look through it or the ss for the same.
If link can be shared then exact solution can get provide

Happy Automation :raised_hands:

Best Regards
Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

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sorry @Pratik_Wavhal I cannot share the portal link…

It looks like this way

here some pdfs and images

Thanks for sharing @Venugopal24 I saw the post but I didn’t get it…


I didn’t see any PDF / Image from your previous posted image

Can you share us the selector which you are using for element exist also try to get the PDF and Image selectors, with that we may get some idea

Thank you

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