How to download 200 images using UI path


i have 200 url in excel sheet i want to download one by one in to folder using ui path(for each)
plase help and also i create sample any one can advise to how to continue this process
carekanewewewew.xaml (113.5 KB)
dear Friends PLease Hel p


Hi @Amila_Darshana

Please refer to this post with an example. It worked for me in the same situation :slight_smile:

The only properties you should care about are EndPoint and ResourcePath, both of which can be passed as a variable :slight_smile:

Save screenshot in an excel

http request not in ui path ,
could you see my example in below and kindly advise how to continue this process


You can download the package with activities by going to your Package Manager:


you mean orchestra tor HTTP request ???


kindly see my example and please advise how to loop this to next record


thats work thanks:smiley: