Doubt in creating Mobile Device Manger Application and Device

Hi, In Mobile Device Manager Application - What the App, App Package, App Activity means? Explain me what it does? What need to pass there?

In Device - Why need to append “wd/hub” in Appium URL ?

Please explain all in briefly.

App field: the application you want to start to automate. If Android is selected, then it is expected to be an Android app, if iOS , it is expected to be app specific for iOS.
App package field: The package name uniquely identifies the app on the device; it is also unique in the Google Play store.
App activity field: what activity from the app to start.
You need wd/hub because appium expects http requests to be received at this URL.

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Thanks @Alexandru_Sorin_Maxim for this info.

Can you share any links to make understand better.

Thanks !

Hello @Ganesh_Kumar_Ramacha sure.

Most of the information is on appium website. Desired Capabilities - Appium . appPackage and appActivity

Also we have documentation about Mobile Automation package: and

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