Double.tryparse() in assign of advanced rpa training. Not understand what going on in this

hi, everyone , Please help me in this assignment. i don’t understand how things works. what is this error and why . how to solve this

Hi @Muhammad_Jahangir - Can you attach the screenshot of the error.

Dear @anmolk171 i not run this because it showing error icon on workflow. as given in the screenshot

@Muhammad_Jahangir - Hover upon the blue icon and will be able to see the error.

dear @anmolk171 check this

Problem is in expression. Can you attach the .xaml file

ok dear @anmolk171Main.xaml (63.8 KB)

Attach the full folder in zip format You just send me the template.

check this dear @anmolk171 . and clearly explain my mistakes (662.0 KB)

Sure I will get back to you give me some time.

Hi @Muhammad_Jahangir - You are using integer value in condition statement.
If you will do this then it will work fine.

sorry @anmolk171 for don’t understanding bro . can you please give me screen shot

Hi @Muhammad_Jahangir

Check this

@shwin S

dear @AshwinS2 thanks for replying .
i don’t understand how its going. the walkthrough i follow but some thing not clear. like at the end it not show from where doubletryparse is coming and why. where it initialized.

Double.TryParse Method:
Converts the string representation of a number to its double-precision floating-point number equivalent. A return value indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed.

So please change the datatype of variables dbl_CashIn,dbl_OnUsCheck and dbl_NotOnUsCheck to double. It resolves the issue.

Attached the screenshots below:


All the values are getting populated correctly in the transaction item but the Double.TryParse within the conditional block is not assigning the value to the Double variables. Why?

Hi, I had the same issue. People have already been discussing this here (in 2018!): Double.TryParse is always returning 0 in the output variable

It turns out one should use an “Invoke method” activity. The pdf guide is still not updated. It should reflect this, because it is not clear how to assign the values to the Double variables.

Update: there’s an even better thread that explains it: Academy2 - Assignment 1 - Try Parse - Invalid input value