Double.tryparse() in assign of advanced rpa training. Not understand what going on in this

hi, everyone , Please help me in this assignment. i don’t understand how things works. what is this error and why . how to solve this

Hi @Muhammad_Jahangir - Can you attach the screenshot of the error.

Dear @anmolk171 i not run this because it showing error icon on workflow. as given in the screenshot

@Muhammad_Jahangir - Hover upon the blue icon and will be able to see the error.

dear @anmolk171 check this

Problem is in expression. Can you attach the .xaml file

ok dear @anmolk171Main.xaml (63.8 KB)

Attach the full folder in zip format You just send me the template.

check this dear @anmolk171 . and clearly explain my mistakes (662.0 KB)

Sure I will get back to you give me some time.

Hi @Muhammad_Jahangir - You are using integer value in condition statement.
If you will do this then it will work fine.

sorry @anmolk171 for don’t understanding bro . can you please give me screen shot

Hi @Muhammad_Jahangir

Check this

@shwin S

dear @AshwinS2 thanks for replying .
i don’t understand how its going. the walkthrough i follow but some thing not clear. like at the end it not show from where doubletryparse is coming and why. where it initialized.

Double.TryParse Method:
Converts the string representation of a number to its double-precision floating-point number equivalent. A return value indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed.

So please change the datatype of variables dbl_CashIn,dbl_OnUsCheck and dbl_NotOnUsCheck to double. It resolves the issue.

Attached the screenshots below: