Don’t seem to have he “Use application/browser” functionality. Can someone help?

“Use application/bowser” is missing.

Hi all, I don’t seem to have he “Use application/browser” functionality. Can someone help? I tried looking it up on the “Manage Packages” but not sure what specific package I should install. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Hannah! Could you check the product version your are using? It should be 20.4.

Hi , I had the same problem… and had an older version so I installed the Community version of Studio X 20.4… but my version also looks different… It does not display the green and blue highlighted colors for the anchor and target and I have an Application Card instead of use Application/Browser resource.

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Hi @Ann_Bell - can you please check two things - as this looks to me like either an old version or an old version of the activities.

  1. The versions of the installed StudioX

  2. The versions of the UiPath Activities - and especially UiAutomationNext

Thank you!!! Adding UiPath.UiAutomationNext.Activitiesto my project worked!

I did not have that activity added to my project at all, but I did find the current version available under All Packages and installed it. Now I have the Use Application/Browser listed under my resources and when I use Application/Browser, it automatically includes the highlighted target and anchor…

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Hi Oana, this is what it prompted me to download which is probably the reason why I am missing some functions. I am in the “Automating Word” exercise and I don’t seem to have the functions needed to complete this task. Please advise. Many thanks!


@Ann_Bell Try creating a new project (from the home screen). Looks to me like you created yours with an older version that had different activities dependencies.

@hannah.devera - When you launched Studio for the 1st time, you choose the “Stable” version instead of “Preview”. To change it to Preview, please go to:

Home > Settings > License and Profile > View Or Edit License
And then choose:
Community License > UiPath StudioX Community > Preview

Once you do this you will have to wait about 10 minutes and then restart Studio. This should do the trick. If it does not work - try repeating the steps above.

Hi there, please disregard this as I found a solution – was able to install packages for word and it worked! Thanks again!


The Use application/browser seems to be greyed out for me like its not an option.

I checked my version and it doesn’t seem to be the updated version.

Any idea how to get the updated version please?

My version is beta.1731.

Should it be beta.472?

Any help would be appreciated.


"Use application/bowser and Shortcut” are missing. I’m using the current version studio 2021.10.3

Hi all, I don’t seem to have he “Use application/browser” functionality. Can someone help? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Eric! What activities do you have under Resources? Your panel should look like this

Hi Bianca, i got the same issue, with the version studio 2021.10.3

This is all i got !

(i havn’t got folder named “Ressources” in the activities panel)

Do you have any idea ? :slight_smile:


Hi Gauthier! Are you using Studio or StudioX?

I’m using Studio

Do you have the Modern Experience enabled? You can find more information on how to enable it here: Modern Design Experience

Specifically, the Use Application/Browser is a Modern Experience activity. For classic you should have Open Application and Open Browser activities.

We also have a course on the Academy on UI Automation with the Modern Experience here.

Thanks Bianca, i’ve activate it and now i got the Use application/browser.

I havn’t seen this course before, i’m going to read that. thank you.

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Thanks so much Bianca. You are a life saver. I have activated it following your guidelines. Thanks once more

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Hi @hannah.devera

Please Check if Modern Design Experience is Disabled?


If it is so go to Activities-> Settings->General-> Enable Modern Design Experience

Have a Good Day