Doesn't detect wordpad.exe at all

Lesson 4 gives me a hard time. I can’t change the font just like others, have to answer the question “Do you want to use anchor” and no matter how I answer, the result is the same.

OK, I have no luck with notepad. How about wordpad then?

Reluctantly, I’ve found UiPath doesn’t detect wordpad at all.

Does anyone here tell me what I should do next? Thanks.


I created a basic process that attaches to Wordpad and types in the main area. Then it selects all of the text and changes the font color using the toolbar. Please try this and see if it helps you understand how to get your process working. (48.6 KB)

Thank you for taking the time to make the file.

UiPath still can’t detect the window of wordpad. Yes, I have tried ‘Indicate on Screen’ and ‘Edit Selector’.

Calculator is detected with no problems by the way.

Any suggestions will be welcome.

I’ll see if I can help, but I have a few questions to help me understand your situation.

  • Did the workflow I provided fail when you attempted to run it?
    • If yes, what was the error?
  • Are you using a windows desktop/laptop or some other system (VDI/citrix…)?
  • When you attempt to select the notepad/wordpad application does it properly highlight the application window like you would expect?
    • If yes, what is the selector that is generated and put in the selector field for the activity?
  • What activity are you attempting to use to detect notepad/wordpad?

Hi, Seth.Boone!

I figured out how to solve the issue.

I would say the recorder has some bugs.

Thanks anyways! I’ll check Wordpad some day. Maybe…

I’m glad you got the issue resolved.

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