Does Word Activities Package work with older word documents?

Hello! I am new to using RPA and Studio and I just had a general question. I am currently converting multiple word documents into PDF format and was wondering if there was a limit to how “old” the document can be. I have created the code for it, but noticed that my documents are “.doc” instead of “.docx”, and cannot work through the code that I have set up. I also noticed that the document type is “Microsoft Word 97”. I see that the program is attempting to work through one document, but won’t continue forward. Is this because the document is at an older version? If there is a way around this issue, I would really cherish any insight. If there are different coding steps that I am missing, I would also really appreciate a step-by-step breakdown!

Thank you again!

Hey! Welcome to community…

If we are dealing with doc or docx both will works fine in UiPath…

It won’t check whether it is a new one or old one…

When we’re dealing with the docx we need to use the application scope then only this will work else it won’t work…

Use the word application scope

Try this and let me know


Hello @mhughes1

please confirm you are doing as mentioned in the below post.
You can use Export to pdf activity inside the Word application scope activity.

Good morning! Thank you very much for the welcome!

I do have a Word Application Scope used within my code, which I guess stumps me even more. I am converting multiple files, which is why I added in a “For Each”.

Here is the code that I have written out in a very broad term.

Assign: WordPath = XXX
Assign: PDFPath = XXX
Assign: Files = XXX

 For Each: file in Files
    Assign: FileName = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtenstion(file)
    Word Application Scope: file
         Save Document as PDF: File path to save as "PDFPath+FileName+".pdf"

The issue is that the code begins, but never actually converts or goes through the entire list. I have made sure that the variables are of the folder names, and not of just one document.

Hopefully this can help a little more. I appreciate your time!

Hello @mhughes1

Can you try killing word using Kill Process Activity once it converts the word to pdf. Pass WINWORD in the process name property of Kill Process Activity. Check how it goes

Success! Thank you very much for all of your help!!

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