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I had installed WPS(Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet), a package containing these three sub packages. Now I had a UiPath process in which I have to access an Word file which opens using WPS. Its extension is .docx. But UiPath shows error: you must have Word installed. Please let me know does UiPath supports only MS Office suite?

Please can any one help instead of word application scope is there alternative options are there like
For Excel Application Scope there is alternative

Task:- Generate Certificate

Read Data from Excel put it in word document can anyone share the flow please find the attachment sent

Hii @Rohith_Shastri ,
As I Know, UiPath studio is unable to utilize WPS office for word activities since the necessary features for UiPath studio to read and manipulate documents are missing.
Hence you need to have Microsoft Word to be installed in your system inorder to use it in the UiPath studio

Hi @Rohith_Shastri ,

Could you provide an example of the Word Template that you are using and explain what needs to be done within the template.

We can check for alternates that are available and if it would be suitable for your case.

With Word application scope im using this flow
where I don’t have MS Word now so Word Application scope will not work for that i need any alternative method

Task: Generate the Certificate and save it in Pdf
There is a data in excel the same data should read then replace it in word and save it in pdf
But MS Word is not installed

Hi @Rohith_Shastri,

If you are using Word Application scope then it means that it is totally dependent on the word application and for that is should be installed.

and as an alternate solution, you can provide us the Word document file which you are using.


But how to save that document into pdf for this we need word application scope knw
Without word application scope we cannot to save the pdf
In that word document activity there is no activity like save pdf

Hi @Rohith_Shastri,
We have export to PDF activity
from there we can convert or also we have vb.net code which can convert word to pdf.

That’s why I told, you can provide the word document so we can give you a alternate solution.


This word document (certificate) you can save as PDF form. Then UiPath could edit pdf file with values from excel.

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