Does it exist a way to call a Studiox activities from Studio?

Hello guys,

I am wondering if it exist a way to use this activity Export to CSV on Studio?




If you are using studio you have to switch to modern design experience. once you are in modern design experience you will be able to see the studiox activites in studio. thanks.

you have to change in the project settings. please refer the below screenshot.

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Ty @kirankumar.mahanthi1 for your answer but I think I am using a Uipath version that cannot support it (2020.10.8) :pensive:

Oh sorry in that case it is not possible. Can’t we un install and install with latest.

And also studiox process we can open through studio I guess please try in that way.

In my company we are opening citizen developer process through studio for some verification. Thanks.

And is it possible to call it as a expression? or invoke code

Not sure on your question. But we can execute the studiox process in studio.

The version of the Studio and the Version of Packages are independend things. Does mean in a 2020.X.X Studio we also can reference Packages from higher or downer version

we can use StudioX activities when we do set the StudioX filter and modern filter:

So in a studio set to classic mode still we can see the activity

feel free to:

  • set project ro Modern Design as described above
  • Using the Write CSV activity which is doing similar
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Ty @ppr
You derserve definitely the MVP title xD

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