Does Extract Structured Data Purge its Data Table upon exception

Hello All,

I am servicing an automation that uses the extract structured data to pull table data from a webpage then activates the nest link selector if available. During a recent run the web site being scraped failed to return data due to an error on the web server, this has also happened on previous occasions as well. This of course causes an exception with the extract data but it also seems that the data table Extract Structured Data was appending to was also purged when the exception occurred. Is this normal behavior for Extract Structured Data?

I have not been able to recreate the exception to test this, so I was just wondering if it is the default function of this activity?


Hi @afalk

Extract Data Table is not giving any expection means please check the properties, ContinueOnError is by default it is True, Make it false, so that it will throw exception

Hope this helps


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Thank you ksrinu. Will the data table retain any data it has scraped if it throws an exception?

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