Does anyone else have this error with drag and drop?

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It appears constantly since the last update

Hi @sergio.comparin

Could you maybe share some more information about the workflow that is causing this issue?
Also, the version of your UIAutomation package.

I had two instances of Uipath open and it happened in both in all workflows with any activity. I couldn’t drag activities from the activities panel or move the ones I already had placed.
The package version of UiAutomation is this: 21.10.5
I closed Uipath several times and at first it was solved, but after a few minutes it happened again. I still haven’t used it since that day so I don’t know if it’s still happening.

I can send an excerpt from the event viewer if you give me a contact.

Thank you. In this case, it would be very valuable to learn the steps that you take before the situation occurs again. Some steps that we could follow to reproduce the issue. For example, maybe a pop-up of some activity is stuck in the background of your Studio, blocking certain actions?