Does anybody know shortcut key of IE when save?

Hi all,

Does anybody know shortcut key of below capture of down triangle? You know when we save file, there is pop up message comes up, and if you type alt+O: open file, type alt+s: save, alt+c: cancel, then, is there any shortcut key for save as other file name???

In my environment, I can click it with Ui element but sometime it is failed… and if we have shortcut key to select it, it more reliable. Also, once I considered right click option before this pop up message, however it does not work for my case because ajax doing something before data save. (The steps are: 1. click save button, 2. ajax doing something, 3. pop up message comes up and so on…)

anyway, if you know trustful way to save as new name file, please let me know.


I dont think there is any direct shortcut to save but you can try ‘tab’. If the tab order is not changing for different sessions then it might work for you.

Thanks @therishirawat, it might be one way but typing key board many times might be caused typo even if it is RPA. (I found sometime process runs too much fast and skip typing so I don’t want to use the way so far.)


@Jumbo I can understand your concern. Try “Send Hotkey” and use only ‘tab’. I am also using the same for Banking Applications and it is working fine till now. You can also provide ‘Delay After and Delay Before’.

@rkelchuri I have already checked that but can not find the shortcut to save the file directly.

Hi @therishirawat,

I found good way without TAB key. (Just FYI)

When pop up save dialog in bottom of IE, press ctrl + J to open download window. In there, you can stably click down triangle and press “a” to open “save as another window”. Please check it.


Great Man. I have modified the selectors and its working fine for me as well.
Anyway Thanks for the information.