Documentation is missing critical info, like parameter type info


The docs should include at least the barely minimum basic info for using the activities. That’s it, input and output parameters, and those internal variables involved in them, TYPE and the like.

For instance, regarding this activity:

Activities - For Each Folder in Folder (

I’m trying to use it in a custom workflow I’m creating, and one of the parameters is of a “Folder” type. So for the “in folder*” textbox value, instead of a string value, I want to use the Folder.FullName, as I’m gonna use other Folder properties inside my workflow. But finding out what the proper type of the Folder variable should be is a nightmare! I open the “Browse for type…” dialog and I can’t find the proper one (maybe because it’s type name has nothing to do with “folder”). The only way I can reliabily do this is doing a debug session, stopping by the place this is being created/uses and inspecting in the “Locals”.

Finally I found that my required type for the variable was of DirectoryInfo type. No wonder that I couldn’t find anything related by just searching for “Folder”.

The type for any variable should be properly stated in every place in the involved activity properties. Sometimes this is stated at least in the activities textinput hint text, sometimes there’s nothing. This is very inconsistent.