Activity Examples

The documentation for activities found at would benefit greatly from an example for each activity similar to the examples given in Microsoft’s .NET documentation.

Fairly frequently I find that the explanations / descriptions of properties don’t give me enough information on how to use them. For example: the ‘Copy File’ activity has the following on its documentation page:


  • Path - The path of the file to be copied.


  • Destination - The destination path where the file is to be copied.

Now, I can pretty easily infer from the parameter name ‘Destination’ that what’s being asked for is the destinatiion path, but what it doesn’t tell me is if I need to pass it the full file path (including file name and file extension) or just the directory I want it to be copied to, with the file name and extension being copied from the source file.

One solution would be to put more detailed descriptions in the documentation, but I find in Microsoft’s .NET documentation that an example of how to use is often faster and more helpful in answering these questions.

It could also help to cut down on the need of so many posts on this forum asking for ‘an example of how to use {insert activity name} activity’

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Hi @Foehl,
Our team is constantly working on the product to be as most perfect as it can be :grin:
Stay tune for the improvements!