Documentation for UiPath.DocuSign.Activities

I am trying to use this activity package created by UiPath to interact with DocuSign. The problem is that all links to any sort of documentation on the project throw a 404, so I can find no answers on my own.

The primary issue I have is that, for some reason, the entire package uses odd custom variable types throughout, but I have no guide how to work with them. Some activities will output in a variable type that I am unable to convert to anything readable. Other activities require inputs in a custom variable type, but I can find no way to populate a value into them.

My most current hurdle is with the ‘FoldersRequest’ variable type. I am unable to give it a value, so I cannot invoke the ‘Folders_PutFolderById’ operation to move Envelopes I have processed into a different folder.

If anyone can provide detailed information on using the ‘FoldersRequest’ and ‘FoldersResponse’ variable types, it would be most helpful.

Thank you!

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Hey @Church_Adam

Kindly check if this helps.

If the above still didn’t help, let us know.