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I am trying to read the documentation on-line, a simple example, 'The example below explains how to create a new notepad file, edit it, and save it." However, the illustration is an animated gif that cyles through so fast I don’t have time to focus my eyes on it before it flashes to a black screen and then there is a long delay while I’m staring at a black screen. This is a waste of time and prevents the reader from making any sense out of it.

It needs to be fixed. However, the gif that becomes black just shows the steps to take an informative screenshot. Not much there. Follow the steps below that and you should be fine. Also, you can download the workflow by scrolling down.


Hi @Thea_Ganoe
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I can understand the reason for your frustration with the gif. However, it seem the image ratio is such that the black area takes up most of the screen, while the ‘select image’ action which the gif is trying to highlight happens towards the bottom of the gif.

May I suggest to right-click the gif and click ‘Open image in new tab’ option?

This way you can see the whole gif in one screen, which I think cycles through just slow enough for a viewer to make sense of it.

Try if yourself → GIF in New Tab
I hope this helps.

The source of my problems is the example says to drag a Send Hotkey into a sequence. When I do that, I get red warning: “Activity is valid only inside a trigger scope.” So then I had to add a trigger scope and then the Hotkey trigger. I think my problem is I need a Send Hotkey activity but when I search for it I can’t find it, only a hotkey trigger. Is there another example of using a hotkey? Why would I need a hotkey versus just a click?

I did not understand your problem correctly. You can just drag and drop Send Hotkey activity inside a sequence.

You can find it under Available >> Ui Automation >> Element >> Keyboard >> Send Hotkey in the Activities pane.


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Hotkey Trigger is used for a different purpose. An example with explanation can be found here.

Send Hotkey activity is available under the UI Automation package.

Check if you have the activities pack using “Manage Packages”

You did understand it correctly.

Kannan, thank you. I was trying to learn about using the HotKey activities, I haven’t run across that being automated before…so it’s new to me. The animated GIF was making it impossible for me to study. I think The “Send Hotkey” activity will perform an operation (e.g. Ctrl-R ) while the hotkey trigger is an event listener.

I’m not sure why Send Hotkey isn’t showing up in my Activities. I guess I’ll just skip this for now, I’m just trying to find things in the documentation, I went through the videos. I didn’t really want to get hung up on Hot Keys, but it’s missing.

Hello @Thea_Ganoe ,

If Send Hot key does not exist, means you have the modern activities.

Search for keyboard shortcuts activity.


Turns out that the root of my problem was that I had “modern mode” turned on. The animated GIF in the documentation that turned black before I could compare my screen to it did not help me .