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I m trying to extract specific text from pdf by using DU but not getting output

Getting this as a output

Hi @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou ,

Could you let us know How you have received this Output ? This is a type of data from which we could retrieve the Datasets/Tables which would contain the extracted text.

You could check the Document Understanding template which is present within the Studio Templates of the flow of the Steps that would need to be performed for writing the extracted data to a Excel sheet.

i m trying to write in text file


I guess this helps you to understand how to get the data from the extractionresults


I Tried with this but output coming in same form when im using extraction scope den output is (System.Data.DataSet)


Dataset is like a table…you need to get the table from it


its not an table only text there


Please use datasetVariable.Tables(0) to get the first dataset value in it and write to excel using write range


if i have to write in text file den?


Please run in debug mode and .Tables(0) will give the first table…first write to excel and check how you are getting the value and then accordingly you can write to text file whatever you need in it


ok i ll try


yeah done !!! But i have doubt i m tring to extract text from 3 pdf files so text i can get now but in three pdf is there n i m getting only limited text so i want get all text

for ex “Where r u going” in first pdf text
n 2nd pdf text is "where are you going,im not going anywhere
so i m getting where are you going not all text


That depends on how tou defined the fields…did you indicate a region to take the data?

Check how you defined it and refine as needed


@Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou ,

Here, what you are expecting is a Merged data from all PDF’s in one Datatable or One Excel sheet.

For this to happen, we can use One Datatable and Merge the Extracted Datatable to it and then use the Merged Datatable at the End to write into an Excel sheet using Write Range activity.

Make sure that you use the Write Range with the Merged Datatable outside the Loop or For Each activity.

ok i ll try but u have to write in mail

yeah i have indicate the data

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