Document Understanding Public Endpoint issue with Community edition

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DU public endpoints are not available i think so i checked with three of our colleagues they also facing the same issue . I have checked with Public endpoints page but its unsolved.

Is there any issues ?


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Hi @GANESH_BALAGAM , can you explain more which endpoint you are trying to use and the context, so I can understand better how I can help you!

Hi @Camila_Caldas. Here are some screenshots. Thank you!


To use the links, right-click on the “Copy URL” for the desired Public Endpoint and then copy the link address.

After you copy the endpoint, you should be able to use the endpoint in the appropriate activity in Studio etc.

If you are clicking on the Public Endpoint and you receive an HTTP 405 Error, this is expected when attempting to navigate to the URL in the browser, as these endpoints are meant to be copied and then used in activities in UiPath Studio etc.*

@grace.davenport if you check documentation you are going to see that this model is used in digitalization activity not as extraction model. You can try with other models depending on the type of document you are working. You can also train a model using ai center :smiley:

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