Where can I find an overview of the endpoints for Documents understanding?

I want to use the UIPath ML extractor and can not find the endpoint URL. Can someone help?


Check below documentation

Hope this helps you


@michael.gerke - if you want to try a sample invoice extractor -
you can use below as endpoint

for more info on extractor related - please refer below -


This link About licensing

seams to talk about endpoints but it does not.

I want to extract data from contracts, free text infos, not semi-structured infos which can be extracted by form based, tables or invoice extractor.

Hi @michael.gerke,

Try this Public Endpoints

I am using the endpoint from the list to do the example from the academy. But it does noch find any ML Skill. Any idea on this?

Hi Thomas, ML skills would be the skills deployed in your AI center. If you are using a public endpoint, you will not find the ML skill.

If you trained the model and created the Skill in the AI center and deployed it, that is the only time you will find it. I hope this clarifies.

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