Are there public endpoints for Document Understanding

Hi, I would like to know if there are any public endpoints for document understanding extractors and classifiers similar to how there is a REST API for the digitization service to use in external applications, if so where are they located.

Hi @Kavi_Varun ,

Check the below Docs :

Hi, thank you for the link, but is there any place where i can find on how to use these endpoints and basically extract data if we provide a pdf? would be really helpful if that is available.

Hello @Kavi_Varun

I have a video which I did for Forms AI, but this video explains the use of endpoints in a specific section.

If you want to watch only that section, look into the section " 24:00 - Configuring UiPath Document Understanding Workflow"

Hope this helps… Feel free to reach out if you need any help.


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Hey Kavi,

Here’s another approach to your question.

Endpoints are there to make API connections to an ML package. SO why not explore capabilities for an ML package?

This will be more clear to you and you will find the capabilities within UiPath AI center and ML packages.

Here are some snapshots on ML packages available

here’s how you find ML packages in AI center :

Thanks for your inputs @sharon.palawandram @Lahiru.Fernando I’ll see both and ill get back

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