API Key and EndPoint for UiPath Document OCR

I’m Extracting data from Scanned PDF I want to get API Key and EndPoint for UiPath Document OCR

In preview time i dont think you need one…



If you are using Community Edition you end point url will be this :- https://invoices.uipath.com
If you are using enterprise cloud trial version use this:- https://invoices.uipath.com?edition=enterprise

API key is specific to user, You can generate your API key by going to cloud.uipath.com and under admin panel, go to Licencse and other services.
Over there you have option to generate API key.

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Thank you,

I’m working on extracting the information form the scanned PDF file, It’s not an invoice document. so
i want to know that, the endpoint you provided can be used for any document to extract information or it only worked with invoices and receipts?

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@malusi.ngubane As of now, it only works with receipts and invoices.

If you want to capture scanned PDF information, you can use available OCR Engines like Abby, Tesseract, Microsoft, Google

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