Getting error as 'The document exceeds the max allowed size' eventhough pdf size is below 50kb

Hi, I am trying to use document understanding framework to get data from invoice pdf with 6 pages. This pdf is also consisting scanned image of handwritten notes as well as some checkboxes.
I am using document understanding framework with machine learning extractor. But getting error as ‘Document exceeds max size allowed’
I am using community edition of UIPath.
The pdf size is below 100 kb only but has 6 pages.
Cannot share that document due to security reasons.

Kindly help

Attaching document for reference

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Deepa_Madkar ,

I think your PDF is in allowed size. But they are allowing only two pages per PDF i guess. please check the limitation. thanks.


Thanks for reply.
Related to size I was knowing like it cannot be more than 2-4 MB.
But page limitation is not mentioned anywhere.
Can you let me know from where you got this info? It will be really helpful.
Thank you


You will find the related information in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator where you will fetch the document Understanding license key.

Okay, I will try. Thanks @lakshman