Data Extraction Scope: Request CorrelationId: 10d0dc5d-0cfc-41fd-b437-bb8d4b4e30b4 Request PredictionId: 2000652894 Your license could not be validated. Please make sure that the API key parameter is correctly configured

Hi everyone,
For extracting data from Scanned PDF invoices, in Data extraction scope, I have entered API key for document understanding which I collected it UiPath cloud platform . But the Uipath doesn’t accept it. What could be reason?

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Hi @emshihab

The Document Limit for the community plan is of only 2 pages and upto 4 Mb, please try requesting an enterprise trial of you are exceeded the limit.


Hello @emshihab ,

Could you please confirm whether the File size is less than 4mb and number of pages if 2. In the community trial license it will allow only that. If these requirements are met and still you are getting the configuration error, then please click on the refresh button near to the API key and it will generate the new key for you. Try with that one.

Hi @everyone,
Thank you for the information. First I worked on 3 different scanned pdf invoices. Now I am working on 2 different invoices. Each invoice consists one page and size is less than 4mb. Still, it’s showing the same issue.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan I have generated three or four new API key. But it’s showing the same issue.


I have exactly the same Problem…


Hi @tim.biester

What is the Extractor being used here.


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I am using Google Cloud Vision OCR for digitizing the Document because omni page didnt work. I am also using google cloud OCR for creating a template in Form extraktor.

Is this met.


Also can you please try using UI Path Document Ocr.


I have one document with one page.
Is it possible to process multiple documents with only one page and <4mb per document?

Yes that’s possible.

I could solve the problem using another UiPath Account and PC. Dont know about the reason it didnt work.

Problem resolved. I have updated my UiPath. After that API key started to work.

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