Document Understanding license -what is minimum requirement?


My company purchased two UiPath Orchestrator servers(on-Premise), attended/unattended robots and etc.
I thought DU was included in Orchestrator server such as community version, but realized we have to buy it to complete our AP Automation project( need to read more than 2 pages).

We just want to purchase the Document Understanding license.
We don’t need a machine running or AI at this time.
My understanding is that I just need to copy DU API key from cloud license section after we purchase and paste it in current developing program.
We are currently using community DU API key.

Unlikely, I was told by UiPath that we need to purchase Cloud AI Robot,
Cloud AI Robot Pro, Cloud DU and Action Center as a package.
I don’t have enough knowledge for these. Please help!

Could you confirm why these are needed? Can’t we just buy Cloud DU only?

Thank you for your support in advance!

Hello @victorpark0329 ,

The community end points for DU have finite limits. Example: There are limits on the number or size of pages that you can submit to Community DU Endpoints for extraction.
Therefore, you will need to purchase licenses for DU


Another aspect to note is that an ML pipeline that you are invoking in your workflows are run by an AI robot that is different from the Robot you are using to run an automation that invokes that ML skill. Some of the DU endpoints such as Form-extractors use AI and can also be retrained.
Besides, when you upload data and retrain some of these end points they would require AI Robots to run training pipelines.

Obviously you can imagine what happens if your regular Automation robots are delegated to running AI pipelines instead of business automations.

Please see this page especially the section titled Robots & Services Licenses for licensing:

The above page will take you to this page below that has information on Community and Enterprise Public Endpoints:

On this page you can see the limits imposed on the Community end points. Also a note at the bottom of this page makes the distinction between Enterprise Licenses and Enterprise License for DU.

Thanks and I hope this helps.