AI Centre for Onpremise Orchestrator

Our use case is regarding document understanding (for Invoices and PO’s).
We have the UiPath Orchestrator Onpremise.
Out license also covers ‘UiPath - Cloud - AI Robot’.
Can some one suggest what it actually means?
Do we need to install an OnPremise version of AI Centre? or
Will we get a cloud version of AI Centre, where we can use out of the box ML packages? or
Is it just for using the public endpoints given by UiPath?

@Jeremy_Tederry any idea…

Hi @Vi15P
This really depends of your needs, you don’t need to Could AI Robot if you are using only ublic endpoints. Then it is up to you, with this licenses you can use AI Center on SaaS mode (working in Hybrid mode) or install AI Center 21.10 on prem. You should probably ask your account manager/CSM to assist on this, they should be able to guide you.