How to assign taxonomy to document?

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I have the following workflow:

If there are no classification results for a document, how to assign a classification value to it so the document still gets extracted?

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Refer to the below link

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The document understanding is kind off big concept… Below link will help you to understand it…

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You can try the following method to use your own ClassificationResult.

Create a new variable varResultBounds of type UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ResultsDocumentBounds.

Assign the value of varResultBounds as follows:

varResultBounds = new ResultsDocumentBounds (varDocumentObjectModel.Pages, varDocumentObjectModel.Length)


  • varDocumentObjectModel is the output of Digitize Document Activity.

Create a new varClassificationResult variable of type : UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResult.

Assign the value of varClassificationResult as follows:

varClassificationResult = new ClassificationResult (DocumentTypeID, DocumentName, varResultBounds)


  • DocumentTypeID = "GroupName.CategoryName.DocumentTypeName" (Mention the GroupName, CategoryName and DcoumentTypeName of the taxonomy that you want the document to be classified with. Eg: “Forms.Tax.18A”)

  • DocumentName = "InputFileNameWithExtension" (Eg: “Form1.pdf”)

  • varResultBounds is the previously created variable.

You can then map this varClassificationResult variable in the ClassificationResult property of Data Extraction Scope activity.

Hi @yourubl

If you found there is no classifications results for your document. You can set the Document ID of your preference by getting the Taxonomy ID from the Taxonomy Manager.

That Id can be set on the DocumentTypeId property of the Data Extraction Scope.

NOTE: Take in count you can only set the Classification Result or the Document Type Id.


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